June 22-24 2018, Main Campus 2 High School Youth Conference

Below are the songs we sang during the conference. The songs in bold are those that are available on our CD, “The Joy of the Lord”. The artists in parentheses are the popular artists who sing them (which are not necessarily the songwriters).

Due to copyright restrictions, I am not able to provide sheet music for the music we play. However, if you search Google you should be able to find sites that provide that.

Hope to see you next year!


4:00-5:00 PM Traveler’s Mass
* Opening: The Joy of the Lord (Bob Rice)
* Prep: Great is Thy Faithfulness (One Sonic Society)
* Communion: Loved By You (Bob Rice)
* Communion: As I Kneel (Maria Parkinson)
* Closing: Multiplied (Needtobreathe)

6:45-7:05 Gathering Music

* By Your Blood (Bob Rice)
* Glorious Day (Passion)
* Alive (Hillsong Young and Free)
* Hold Us Together (Matt Maher)

7:05-7:30 Host welcome, blessing, etc.

7:30-8:00 Keynote: The Father’s Love Revealed

8:00-8:20 Worship (Theme: Father’s Love)
* No Longer Slaves (Bethel)
* Who You Say I Am (Hillsong)
* Reckless Love (Cory Ashbury)

8:20-8:50 Adoration
* O Salutaris Hostia
* O Praise the Lord (Bob Rice)
* Revelation Song (Kari Jobe)
* Good Good Father (Chris Tomlin)
* CLOSE: Reckless Love (bridge and chorus)

8:50-9:00 Host wrap up (no closing song)


8:30-8:45 Gathering Music/Host Reconnect/Admissions (one song)
* Cell Phone Blues (John Paul Von Arx)
* Multiplied (Needtobreathe)

8:45-9:00 Mass Prep/Tranisition into Worship

9:00-9:15 Worship (four songs)
* Do It Again (Elevation Worship)
* Ever Be (Bethel)
* How Great Is Your Love (Passion)

9:15-10:30 Mass
* Opening: Surrounded (Michael W. Smith)
* Prep: Come As You Are (David Crowder)
* Communion: No Longer Orphans (Bob Rice)
* Communion: This is Jesus (Jim Cowan)
* Communion: As I Kneel (Maria Parkinson)
* Closing: The Joy of the Lord (Bob Rice)

Afternoon Break

6:45-7:15 Gathering Music/Host Reconnect
* The Lord Is (Bob Rice)
* Rise and Sing (Steve Fee)
* Great Are You Lord (One Sonic Society)

7:15-7:45 Keynote: The Cross Revealed

7:45-8:00 Transition into Adoration
* Here’s My Heart, Lord (Passion)
* What a Beautiful Name (Hillsong)

8:00-9:15 Adoration
* O Come to the Altar (Elevation Worship)
* O Praise the Lord (Bob Rice)

* Do It Again (Elevation Worship)
* Who You Say I Am (Hillsong)
* One Thing Remains (Passion)
* Whom Shall I Fear?/ Surrounded (Chris Tomlin/Michael W. Smith)
* Reckless Love (Cory Ashbury)
* Closing: How Great is Your Love (Passion)

9:15-9:30 Host Wrap Up


9:00-9:15 Gathering Music/Host Welcome/Thank Yous
* Glorious Day (Passion)

9:15-9:40 Keynote: The Journey Revealed

9:40-9:50 Commitment Call

9:50-10:15 Prayer for Holy Spirit/Worship/Transition into Mass
* Set A Fire (Will Regan)
* Holy Spirit (Kari Jobe)

10:15-12:00 Closing Mass with Vocation’s Call
* Opening: The Joy of the Lord (Bob Rice)
* Prep: Loved By You (Bob Rice)
* Communion 1: Great is Thy Faithfulness (One Sonic Society)
* Communion 2: I Shall Be Healed (Bob Rice)
* Communion 3: Ever Be (Bethel)
* Closing: Multiplied (Needtobreathe)
* Closing 2: By Your Blood (Bob Rice)
* Closing 3: Alive (Hillsong Young and Free)